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[txt:HeadmasterCid] Good afternoon, sir. I think Doc’s number has a 6 at the end, instead of a 9.

[txt:HeadmasterCid] I’m doing well, thank you. Just finishing up a few math problems for an outside project at the moment. 

[txt:HeadmasterCid] And yourself?

[text]:  And what do you know, that is in fact a 6.

[text]:  Quite frankly, I am embarrassed, truth be told.

Preparations || wewereveryhappy


Selphie had mainly been playing the waiting game, her offer on the table and available for whenever — and whatever — they wanted. Of course, she couldn’t do much with a number of days left to go, and though the possibility of maternity pictures had crossed her mind for a fleeting moment and she briefly wondered if they wanted them, she hadn’t gotten the chance to talk about what kinds of pictures were to be taken.

But now that she mentioned it, with little time left before the opportunity would slip through their fingers, how could she disagree?

"Oh! We so should!” She smiled widely as she spoke, already thinking of ideas to use in such a photo shoot. “I haven’t done much in the way of posed photo sessions, of course, but I’m sure we can find some cute things to do. Ones that don’t involve belly painting and awkward positions, I promise,” she giggled. “I think we could even do some outside if you like. It’s getting to be the pretty time of year and it’s not too cold outside yet, after all!”

It wasn’t as if Edea hadn’t considered taking such pictures—but at first they seemed silly, that it would be over the top and attention seeking, especially the light that many people did them in.  And then it came down to scheduling, and she and Cid had agreed that they really only wanted Selphie to be the one to capture such a personal time in their lives.  And then she had been placed on bedrest for nearly two months, and while she had since been given the clear, that had definitely hindered a lot of time for preparations that Edea would have very much preferred to have.

They didn’t have a whole lot of time left to work with, but now that it was so close, Edea found herself wanting to do it more than she would have ever expected.  

"Oh Hyne,” she covered her face, laughing and obviously second-hand embarrassed by recalling the examples she had seen.  ”Please, no, none of that.  We can do things nice and simple.  I am all about nice and simple—-and the weather is beautiful right now.  I’m sure we’ll come up with something.”  She gave a bright smile, excited at the possibilities.

              i need to remember, put                      if i had to say how
              things in order right up to                    it all began, i might
              this moment.  remember                     just as well start here.
              who i am.

                                       [                     ]


                                      ❛—— time seemed to flow by slowly
                                                        and if she wanted,

                                             it could also flash by in the blink
                                                             of an eye.

                                           Ⅰ.           Ⅱ.         Ⅲ.


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